Queue Metrics

What is this?

A dashboard that surfaces metrics on inbound call queues.

Available Metrics tracked in the dashboard:

  • Total Calls
  • Average Queue Hold Time
  • Average Missed Calls Queue Hold Time
  • Missed rate
  • Abandonment rate

Available charts in dashboard:

  • What time of day has the highest missed rate?
  • What day of the week has the highest missed rate?
  • Avg Queue Hold Time (by inbound caller time of day)
  • Avg Queue Hold Time (by day of week)
  • Call Dispositions

Available Tabular reports in dashboard:

  • Calls that entered queue
  • Call Queue Summary

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated every 5 minutes.


Why is this important?

The dashboard helps sales managers understand the inbound caller experience so that they can adjust staffing and routing to reduce abandoned calls, ensuring calls are adequately being answered by their teams.

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