QBR Report

What is this?

The QBR report is a collection of dashboards, such as the number of users that logged into Revenue.io during the current month, average talk time by rep, and the number of calls with Voicemail Drops.

The suite of dashboards included in the QBR Report are:

  • Users signed in this month - The number of users that authenticated in Revenue.io within the current month. 
  • # calls by month - the number of calls made during the last 90 days.
  • Talk time by month - The total amount of minutes spent on a call by month. 
  • Outbound vs Inbound calls -  Total number of calls segmented by direction (all time). 
  • Calls with voicemail drops - Calls by user location that used the voicemail drop feature. Shown for the pas 90 days.
  • Calls by location - Table view of the number of calls by user location. Shown for the past 3 complete months and the current month. 
  • Who are our users? - List of all users on your account with the role, user name, title, time zone, Salesforce user ID, creation date, and other user information. 
  • Call by month > 90 seconds - Calls with a duration of +90-seconds. Shown for the past 90 days.
  • Average Talk time per agent call per call (min) - A bar graph that displays the average agent talk time for a call by month. Shown for the past 90 days.  
  • Calls with Supervisor Notes - Table styled report displaying the number of supervisor notes by location and month. 

Why is this important?

Managers can get a quick pulse check into their teams adoption and utilization of the Revenue.io platform. Along with your CSM, they can provide insight into areas of adoption that can be improved to drive even more value from the suite of functionality in the hands of your reps. 


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