Missed Ring Rates

Report Overview

When a call is ringing through a call queue, Revenue attempts to connect that call with an available agent using that call queue's distribution strategy. This report details the total rings to each agent, number of missed rings, and percent of rings missed

A missed ring is not the same as a missed call. A call may ring to multiple agents. A call may also ring to the same agent multiple times in the event that it has cycled through all available agents.

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated daily at 2 AM UTC.

Why is this important?

Contact center managers want to know their team's effectiveness in answering inbound calls, so that they can understand what agents fall under the expected SLAs. 

Who will get value from this report?

  • Contact center managers
  • Inbound sales teams

What does this report show?

The Missed Ring Rates dashboard provides three charts: 
  • A bar chart of the total number of missed rings with an overlaid line chart representing the missed ring rate
    • The Y axis on the left reflects the missed ring rate (expressed as a percentage)
    • The Y axis on the right reflects the total number of missed rings
    • The X axis reflects the time period
  • A tabular chart of the Missed Ring Rate (by agent). This chart provides raw data and calculated percentages of missed rings so that you can understand the rate at which agents are answering or missing inbound queue calls.
    • Agent Name
    • Total Number of Rings - Total number of rings to the agent.
    • Total Number of Missed Rings - A missed ring is defined as an available agent not answering when their phone rings.
    • Percentage of Rings Missed - Calculated percentage of the missed rings divided by the total rings. 
  • A "Missed Rings" tabular chart. This chart provides data on each missed call in the account and helps you understand why a call was missed. The following columns are included:
    • agent name

    • user id

    • date

    • call key

    • call queue

    • status at time of missed ring - this column details the RingDNA Status that a user was in at the time they missed an inbound call. For example, if a user missed a call while they were in a Busy status, then the value displayed here would be "Busy".

The dashboard can be filtered by:

  • User Name
  • User Status at time of missed ring - By default, this report displays all missed ring data without accounting for the user's status at the time of the ring. The new filter allows you to refine the data by selecting specific user statuses, such as 'Available,' 'On Call,' 'Busy,' or 'Offline.' This functionality is particularly useful with the 'Available' filter, as it enables managers to identify missed rings that occurred even though agents were available to answer, highlighting opportunities for improving answer rates.
  • Team Name
  • Location
  • Call Queue Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date

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