Call Reports

About Call Reports

Report Overview

Call Reports shows all call reports that were submitted by users in their account. The report also displays:

  • Call Key - The Call Object Identifier posted to reported call's Salesforce Task
  • Category - How the user categorized their call issue when they submitted their report. 
  • Direction - The direction of the cal (inbound/outbound).
  • Rating - The rating the user assigned the reported call.
  • User Name - The user name of the user who reported the call
  • Location - The assigned location of the reporter in Admin Console
  • Notes - The notes that were left in the call report. 
  • Date Created - The date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time the user submitted the report. The Date Created's time will be displayed in the local timezone of the user viewing the report. 

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated at minute 0 and 30 of every hour.


Why is this important?

Call Reports are submitted by agents when they experience issues on live calls (for example, poor audio quality or dropped calls). This data helps sales managers understand the frequency of these issues and the affected users and empowers the Revenue customer success team to quickly troubleshoot any issues as quickly as possible.


Report / Dashboard Details

Admins can filter by Category, Location, Direction (inbound/outbound), Start or End Date, and User name. Once you’ve applied your filters click the Search button to see your results. 

Call Reports UTC filter is the same data but shows call times as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) instead of the timezone of the user profile viewing the report.

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