Call Transfer

What is this?

Shows any call that was a warm call transfer or a cold call transfer. The report also displays:

  • From user name - The user who initiated the call transfer. 
  • Fromnumber - The number the call was made from. 
  • Tonumber  - The number the call was made to. 
  • Transfer to number  - The number the call was transferred to. 
  • Transfer to user name - The user the call was transferred to.
  • Call start time - The date and time the call began.
  • Call transfer start time - The date and time the call was transferred at. 
  • Call end time - The date and time of when the call was ended. 
  • Call Duration - The number of seconds the call lasted. 
  • Direction - Whether the call was inbound or outbound. 
  • Call State - Whether the call was successfully completed. 
  • Callkey -  The Call Object Identifier posted to the call's Salesforce Task.
  • Call Disposition - The call disposition assigned to the call.
  • Call Notes - Call Notes taken by the user on the call. 

Admins can filter by Transfer To Number, Direction, Disposition, From Number, To Number, User Name, Start Date, and End Date. Once filters have been applied click Refresh to display the results.

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated daily at 7:02 A.M. UTC.


Why is this important?

This report provides visibility into the transfer journey that customers experience while on calls with their teams. Excessive call transfers can result in poor customer experiences, so having visibility into these metrics is crucial for revenue leaders.

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