Call Durations


About the Call Durations Report

The length of time agents spend on calls is a critical data point for sales leaders to understand. This report provides granular, call-by-call data on call durations so that managers can drill in and better understand the nature of specific calls.

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated daily at 9:00 A.M. UTC.


Report / Dashboard Details

Filters Admins can filter their results by Start Date and/or End Date. Once filters have been applied click the Refresh button. 

Report Details

The Call Durations report shows the total duration of a call, as well as the duration of each leg of the call. The report also displays:

  • The call's Salesforce Task ID in the sftaskid column
  • The call's start time in the starttime column 
  • The user who took the call in the agent column


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