Average Call Duration By Day

About the Average Call Duration by Day Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

The Revenue.io Average Call Duration by Day Dashboard provides insight into if your teams are having longer and longer conversations over time. 

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated every 4 hours.

Why is this important?

It's easy to fall into the trap of incentivizing and managing teams around vanity metrics. Just the existence of a call may not designate a successful or meaningful conversation as calls may result in voicemails or short conversations under 3 minutes. 

Who will get value from this report?

For Sales Managers who want to ensure that across their organizations their teams are on average having calls over a standard duration threshold. If on average the call lengths are below their defined thresholds they can drill deeper into the team by team or user by user reports in Salesforce. 

What does this report show?

The average call duration for all phone calls in a given time period.

How do I interpret the data?

A low value on a given day means that calls on that day were shorter in duration.  A high value on a given day indicates that calls for that day on average were longer.

What actions should I take after reviewing this report?

If you notice a drop in conversation duration and you’re on a sales team, you may want to drill into average call durations by members of your team. It could have a much bigger impact on your overall pipeline if SDRs are placing many calls that result in short conversations vs Account Executives who are just having short and succinct checking with their prospects or customers. 

If you notice a drop in conversation duration and you’re on a support team, you may want to drill into the outcomes of your support calls. Shorter conversations may not be a bad thing if you are consistently providing information to customers that result in quicker case or issue resolution.


Report Details


To run the report, a user must designate the following filter to designate the time interval that they want to investigate. Once a date range is selected, click the refresh button to render the results of the report. 

  • Start Date
  • End Date


The report can be viewed as either a graphic chart or a tabular chart. Use the "View" icons to toggle between views:


Chart Details

When run, a user can see a bar chart where the y-axis designates the average call duration in seconds and the x-axis represents the date of conversations based on the start time of the conversation.

Note that based on the date range selected, the chart will dynamically group results by day, week, or month groupings depending on the length of time selected.



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