Adding a Member to a Team

Once a team is created, admins of the platform can easily manage the members on a team. To start managing members, simply navigate to an individual team from the teams tab of the admin console. 

Adding Members to a Team

Once an individual team has been selected, you can view all of the relevant information associated with the team including basic information, members, supervisors, and team-specific RingDNA dialer settings. 

To manage supervisors for a team, scroll down the page to find the "Members" section.


Once there, you will see a list of all members associated with the team along with a quick link to their profile, title, location, and the number of teams that they are associated with. 

To add a new supervisor, select the "+" button in line with the Members section 

Once selected, a modal will open allowing you to add a member to the team. What is presented is a list of users in your organization that is not currently associated with the Team as a Supervisor or a member.

Note that users can be a supervisor or a member of a team and not both. 


Once you have found the user(s) that you wish to add to the Team as a Member select the checkbox associated with their user. Once you have selected the user(s) that you wish to add, select the "add" button at the footer of the Modal. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page depending on the number of users that you have in your account. 


Upon selection of the user(s) that you want to add as Members, you will now see each individual represented in the Member's list of the team. 

As soon as a Member is added to the Team they will then be able to be coached by Supervisors associated with the team as outlined in the teams overview article. 


Removing a Member from a Team

If you wish to remove a Member from a team, simply select the "X" button in line with the member that you wish to remove. 

On selection of the button, you will receive a confirmation prompt stating "Are you sure you want to delete this" and the option to confirm the action by selecting the "OK" button or selecting the "Cancel" option to close the modal and keep the Member associated with the team. 


Viewing and Managing Teams Associated with a User

Within the platform, a user can have a relationship with multiple teams. They may be supervisors across multiple groups, an individual contributor who has multiple roles, or a user who is a supervisor to a handful of users but a part of a larger group.

To view and manage the teams associated with an individual user, simply navigate to a user's profile page to view relevant teams' information along with basic user details, and the products that the user has enabled. 

From the individual user page, you can select the Teams associated with a user to quickly navigate to a Team, remove that user from a Team, or add a user to a new team directly. 


By selecting the "+" button associated with the team's list, a modal appears allowing you to add a user to team(s) as a member. Select from the drop-down of teams associated with your account or use the search type ahead to search and find matching results.


Once you have selected the Team(s) that you want to associate the user to as a member, select the save button to associate the user with the team(s). If you wish to close the model and not add the user to the designated team(s), select the cancel button to close the modal.


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