Managing Custom Fields associated with a Profile

Add Additional Field Modal

Understanding the Add Additional Field modal

To add additional fields to a Profile, go to the Manage Profile page and click on the desired Field Tab. On that tab, a user can then click the Green + icon at the right of the screen.


Adding fields to a Profile


  1. Salesforce Field: Select from a dropdown of available Salesforce fields for addition to the Profile

  2. Name: Upon selection of the Salesforce Field dropdown, this text box is auto-populated. Users may overwrite this auto-populated value.

  3. Always Visible: If checked, the field will always be presented in the RingDNA Dialer, even if the field value is blank. When unchecked, the field will be hidden from the UI if the field value is blank.

  4. Editable: When checked, the field will be editable in the RingDNA Dialer by users of the Profile. Note: If a field is read-only in your Salesforce account, the Editable checkbox will be disabled.

  5. Required: When checked, the field will be required for users of the Profile. Note: a field can only be set to Required if the Editable checkbox is checked.

On click of the Save button, the field will be added to the Profile.

Modifying Field Visibility at Scale


  1. To access the Account-level Fields tables, first, click on Account

  2. Click on the Salesforce tab

  3. Click on the Field tab you wish to modify

  4. To add a field to the table, click the Green + icon

  5. To jump to a Modify Field page, click on the field Name in the first column of the table

  6. The Profiles column displays the total number of Profiles in your account that has that field visible to RingDNA Dialer users. In this screenshot example, there are 10 Profiles in the account that currently can view the “First Name” in the Dialer.

  7. Edit icon: clicking this navigates you to the Modify Field page

  8. Delete icon: Clicking this deletes the field from all Profiles and, consequently, from view in the RingDNA Dialer. A warning will be displayed prior to deletion.


Adding Fields to Multiple Profiles

The Salesforce tab (accessed via the Account link) has been updated with the introduction of Customizable Profiles so that fields can be added in bulk to multiple Profiles at once. Follow the below steps to learn how this can be accomplished.

Click the + icon:


Select the Salesforce Field from the dropdown and optionally give the field a Name of your choice in the text box:


Click Next and then add the field to all or any subset of the Profiles in your account.


In cases where Salesforce permissions prevent the field from being added to the profile, the checkbox will be disabled and a tooltip will be displayed indicating that the field cannot be added.

Clicking Save will add the field to each profile per the permissions defined via the checkboxes.


Editing Fields on Multiple Profiles

Just as you can add a Field to multiple Profiles at once, you can also edit a field’s visibility on multiple Profiles at once.


Modify Field Page

Every Field has a corresponding Modify Field page. On these pages, the distribution of permissions across your Profiles relative to this field will be displayed. See the below annotations for a walkthrough of the functionality:


  1. Details section: The field Name and Salesforce Field Name are displayed. Note: the Name field is editable.

  2. In the Profiles section, a table is presented which details each of the Profiles in your account and the current distribution of field permissions assigned to them. The first column in this table is labeled “Profile Name”. The values in this column are all of the Profiles in your account. These Profile Names are clickable, bringing you to that Profile’s Manage Profile page.

  3. Select-all checkbox: each of the field permission columns has a select all checkbox in the header row. Checking this will check all of the checkboxes in the column. (Note: only checkboxes that are not disabled will be checked. Any checkbox that is disabled will remain unchecked. Mouse over any disabled checkbox for a tooltip explaining the reason the box is disabled).

  4. Checkboxes: each of the field permission columns have checkboxes. These checkboxes define what level of visibility each Profile is allowed relative to the Field.

  5. Delete icon: When the Delete icon is clicked, that particular Profiles' users will have their access to the field removed. (Note: this can always be re-added to the Profile later if an Admin wants.)

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