The Salesforce Connect User

The Connect User is a designated user that will be assigned the Tasks of owner-less calls, such as missed calls from a call flow. Since all Tasks are required to have an owner, this allows calls to be logged to Salesforce which were not answered by any specific user.

Salesforce Connect User Permissions

The Connect User should be a Salesforce System Administrator and have the following Object Permissions in Salesforce:

  • Create, Read, Edit permissions for Activity
    • This allows for Task assignment and the Connect User to perform relevant modifications to the Task. 
  • Read and Edit permissions for:
    • Account
    • Contact
    • Opportunity
    • Lead
    • Campaign

Furthermore, the user must be an active user with an Administrator license in order to be a selectable option.

Note: If your Org has customizations such as flows or validation rules that may coincide with Task assignment please ensure the Connect User's permissions allow Tasks to be assigned to them without interference.


Setting up the Salesforce Connect User

To set up the Salesforce Connect User:

1. Have a Admin log in to Admin Console and select the Salesforce tab. 

2. Under the Salesforce Connect User heading select the user you wish to designate from the dropdown menu in the Name field. Then click Save to set the Connect User. 


3. If you wish to test the integration between and the Sales Connect User click the Test button. 

If the test is successful, the message, "Run-as user has a valid session" will surface.

4. In the event that the Salesforce Connect User is removed from, by default all Admins will receive an email prompting them to designate a new Connect User.

To designate specific Admins to receive this email uncheck the Send to All Admins checkbox beneath the Notifications field. Then, enter the names of the Admins you wish to receive the email in the Notifications field and click Save



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