Super Admin Capabilitites

What is a Super Admin?

A Super Admin is a user who has access to multiple Salesforce accounts within the Admin Console. The user will be assigned one Main account with unlimited Admin access, and a second Super Admin account with limited Admin capabilities. For more information or to submit a request to become a Super Admin, please email

Below is a list of the Admin tabs and what access is granted to the second Super Admin account:

  • Accounts - able to select from accounts you were added as a Super Admin

    • Overview - view, change settings

    • Salesforce(settings and Fields) - view, change settings

    • Licensing - view, change settings and submit new license requests

    • Call Recording - limited access, Call Recording visible only to the Main Account

    • RingDNA Dialer - view, change settings

    • Skills - view, change settings

    • Logs - view, change settings

    • Blocked Numbers - view, change settings

    • Integrations - limited access, can toggle but not Manage Connected Users, cannot see the users who have the integration just the user count

  • RingDNA Live - limited access, RingDNA Live visible only to the Main Account

  • Call Flows - create, view, change settings

  • Call Tracking - limited access, Call Tracking visible only to the Main Account

  • Conversation AI - limited access to Insights, Conversation AI and recording visibility only to the Main Account

  • Moments - limited access, Moments visible only to the Main Account

  • Call Queues - create, view, change settings

  • Teams -create, view, change settings

  • Smart Numbers - view

  • Profiles - view, change settings

  • Users - limited access, can modify users and see all their settings but cannot add a new User for Super Admin account using Users tab. Must be manually added via the Account tab "Add User" button.

  • Reports - view

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