Post-Call Call Flow Routing

Post-call call flow routing allows a call to be automatically transferred to another call flow when a call is ended. Note, post-call call flow routing will only occur for inbound call flow calls, not direct calls to agents.

Post-call call flow routing is incredibly useful if Managers want to ensure that at the conclusion of a call the caller is automatically routed to a call flow of a dedicated team, or a post-call survey so they can provide feedback about their experience with the agent. 

Configure Post-Call Call Flow Routing

Follow the steps below to set up your new or existing call flows to reference a post-call routing step. 

Step 1: Create or View an Existing Call Flow

Navigate to to view the call flows associated with your account. Here you'll find a list of existing call flows with the ability to create a new call flow:


Step 2: Post Call Transfer Option

Once you have selected your call flow or created a new flow, you will see the Post Call Transfer (Optional) input, which allows you to search for existing call flows to route to.

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Step 3: Select a Call Flow

Select Post Call Transfer to see a dropdown list of all of the existing call flows on your account. Select a call flow value to associate with your flow.

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Step 4: Save the Post Call Transfer

Once you have your selected call flow select Save in the top right-hand corner of the page. 

You have now successfully added a post-call routing step to a call flow. If no call flow options are set here the call will terminate when the agent or caller hangs up. If a value is set will automatically transfer the call to the defined flow. 

Tracking Call Flow Data in Salesforce

Once a call has been logged to Salesforce, you can track each of the steps the caller traversed through in a call flow via the Call Flow Custom object (Available for all customers on the for Salesforce managed package version 1.23 or later). Here you can track the steps taken by the caller prior to connecting with an agent and any subsequent steps taken at the conclusion of the primary call within the call flow the caller was routed to. 


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