Logging Zoom Events to Salesforce

The Revenue.io + Zoom integration provides an event logging feature for all Revenue.io dialer users. For every Zoom event that is created in a User’s Zoom account, Revenue.io will log a Salesforce Event to track key information for the event. 


What Information is logged to Salesforce?

Revenue.io will detect meeting information directly from Zoom including the following data points:

  • The status of an event
  • How the event was scheduled
  • The scheduled and actual time of the event
  • A list of all detected meeting attendees
  • Unique meeting identifiers. 


The following Salesforce fields are populated with Event Detail in Salesforce. Referenced next to each field is the description of data published. 

  • Subject - The calendar name of the event
  • Type - Logged as “Revenue.io Logged Video Call.” Use this value in reports to get to your Zoom meetings easily. 
  • Assigned To - Logs the Host of the Meeting as the assignee
  • Start Time - Date / Time of the scheduled or actual meeting start
  • End Time - Date / Time of the scheduled or actual meeting end
  • Name - A lead or contact associated with the event as an attendee
  • Location - URL to join the event OR the recording link to the event post-completion
  • Description - Meeting details, recording information, and a full list of attendees.
  • Duration - The actual minutes spent on a meeting 
  • Recording URL - The processed ConversationAI recording link for an event

How do you know what Lead or Contact to associate with an Event? 

Unlike calls between two individuals, Zoom meetings can have one or many participants. Salesforce designates that an event can have 1 associated lead or up to 50 associated contacts. Revenue.io can automatically understand the attendees associated to your event and the salesforce records associated with them based on email or name match. We will automatically link events to a primary contact first based on the most recently updated contact associated to your event. If no contact is found then the event will be linked to a detected primary lead again based on the updated date. In the event of multiple attendees to an Event, all attendees will be visible within the description field of the logged Event. If no Salesforce lead or contact records can be found based on your attendee list then no name will be associated with your Event. 


What is the Status' of an Event?

Revenue.io will log events as soon as they are created on a Revenue.io Users Zoom account and kept up to date as a meeting evolves and is completed. You will see the status of your Zoom Event reflected in the description of your logged Salesforce Event. To know the exact stage of your Event you will see the following status' reflected:

  • Meeting Created - A new zoom meeting has been scheduled but the start time is in the future. 
  • Meeting Started - The zoom meeting has been started by the meeting host
  • Meeting Ended - The zoom meeting has been ended by the meeting host
  • Recording Transcript Completed - This status designates that a recording associated with your Zoom event is available in Conversation AI for an active user of Conversation AI. There is a delay between a meeting ending and a recording being available.

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