International Call Recording Management

This article provides an overview of how to enable or disable International (non-USA) call recordings and how these settings behave.

International Call Recording Management

To enable or disable call recordings in international (non-USA) territories, Admins must log into the Admin Console here:

From the RingDNA Dialer product, click on the Call Recording option:


From the Call Recording page, click on the International sub-tab:


Enabling International Call Recordings

To record calls to and from international countries, Admins must first click the toggle on the International tab:

Next, Admins must click Accept on the confirmation modal to proceed:

Once enabled, Admins can designate the type of recordings generated and countries requiring an outbound call recording announcement to be played.


For additional information on managing Agent-only call recordings in the International tab, click here.

The enabling or disabling of the toggle on the International tab is saved automatically. Changes to specific country settings, however, must be saved explicitly by clicking the SAVE button.


Disabling International Call Recordings

To disable International call recordings, Admins must turn the toggle OFF on the International tab:

When International call recordings are disabled, will not generate any recordings for calls to and from international countries.

Disabling and then Re-enabling International Call Recordings

To simplify the experience of re-enabling International call recordings after they've been disabled, the Admin Console will remember your Account's call recording settings for each country on the tab. Therefore, when an Admin decides to re-enable (turn ON) International call recording later, they will not be required to re-configure each country in the table; The previous settings will be remembered and automatically configured.

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