Deleting Customer Data

Enabling Your Account for GDPR Data Management

In relation to Data Privacy regulations such as the GDPR, we’ve updated our Admin controls and deletion features for customer data. Please note that's tools to remove customer data impacts the call and message data stored by and do not affect the Salesforce records within your organization that will need to be managed separately.

Enabling Customer Data Management in Your Account

The first step in managing customer data management in your organization is to enable the Manage Customer Data permission that is found under General Settings under the Overview tab in Admin Console.



Enabling Users

Once an account is enabled to manage customer data, you now need to extend permissions to individual users as dictated by your organization's data policies.

Step 1: Search for Individual Users

In the left navigation menu, click Users and select Manage from the dropdown menu. Search by name, email, or Salesforce ID to isolate individuals that should be entitled to manage customer data. This permission can only be extended to users who are Admins.

Step 2: Enable User Manage Customer Data Permission

Within the Overview tab of an individual user’s profile page, you can now see that the conditional Manage Customer Data permission has been exposed. To enable this permission, you will need to toggle the permission to On and click Save.


Managing Customer Data

Step 1: Searching for Customers

In the left navigation menu, go to Customer Data. Admins can find a Customers list page to search for individuals by email or Salesforce ID.


Step 2: Selecting Individual Customers

Once an email or Salesforce ID is entered, all matching records will be displayed. There may be cases where multiple results will be returned given duplicate data between Salesforce objects.  If this case is true, admins will have to delete the underlying customer data one record at a time.

rtaImage (1).png

Step 3: Managing an Individual Customer

Once a customer has been isolated, an individual page is presented with all related calls and messages stored by associated with that record. Here, Admins have the option to delete all data related to that customer.

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Step 4: Deleting All Customer Data from’s System

On selection of the Delete button on an individual customer’s page, admins receive a deletion confirmation modal with expressed detail around the deletion action. Once the deletion is processed, it cannot be reversed.

User Deletion Modal

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Deletion Confirmation​

After confirming deletion, the individual customer record will be updated to remove all call and message data associated with that user within Please note that this does not impact any Salesforce records, which will need to be managed separately within your organization.

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