Calendar Booking

What is Calendar Booking? Calendar Booking provides external parties the ability to book meetings on their own terms. Finding times that align between two parties can be cumbersome, so by presenting to a party all available times on your calendar, as dictated by your preferences and control, you can confidently allow individuals to book time on your calendar. SDR's face this challenge where their sole purpose in many cases is the ability to book demos for their teams. AE's live in meetings for demos and need a way to ensure that demos that are set actually happen. This solves an important interstitial problem around managing time and ensuring that events are created to push qualification processes forward. 

Who can use Calendar Booking?

Calendar Booking is available to customers with user licenses:


Connecting Calendar Providers

Calendar Booking requires users to connect either their Gmail or Microsoft accounts via the Revenue Admin Console. For details, click here.

Configuring your Calendar Booking Page

We've provided basic default settings to get you started using your Calendar Booking pages, but for full details on how to configure your Calendar Booking page, click here and here.

Calendar Booking Page

You can access you Calendar Booking Page via the Personalize tab in Calendar settings. Click here to learn more about this tab.

The format of your Booking Page URL is: 

Example of a Calendar Booking Page:

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