Approving the Zoom Marketplace Application has launched a new Zoom Marketplace application to provide our customers with the ability to connect to Zoom via OAuth. Our published application outlines the permissions required from and allows administrators to pre-approve the application for users. Zoom Marketplace App Landing Page

To configure the use of zoom an admin must navigate to the app listing and pre-approve the application for your users.

  1. Visit the Zoom Marketplace to view the zoom meeting application
  2. Select the "pre-approve" toggle to enable the application to be used by your reps
  3. Select the "who can install" link
  4. Admins can select the "allow all users on the account with the required permissions to install this app" toggle to enable all users to connect to
  5. If select groups or individual users only require access administrators can manage access granularly via the "add an individual user" or "add a user group" inputs respectively. 

Success! Your users can now connect their Zoom accounts to!

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