Configuring Agent Only Call Recordings

Learn how to record only the Agent's side of a call.

Agent-only Call Recordings provides a number of compliance tools to manage call recordings. Agent-only Call Recordings allows for the creation of call recordings of only the Agent's side of the call in US states that require all-party consent to record. If a call is detected to be between a caller and participant in a single-party state, will record both participants of the call.

Enabling the Agent-only Call Recordings feature

In the Admin Console, the Agent-Only Call Recordings feature setting is located in the Advanced section of the Call Recording tab. To enable Agent-only Call Recordings:

  1. Click on the RingDNA Dialer link in the left-hand navigation bar
  2. Click on the Call Recording link
  3. Select the Advanced tab 
  4. Click the Would you like to enable single-channel Agent-only call recordings toggle to enable the feature
  5. Click Save

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Agent-only Call Recordings and Granular control

With Granular US control enabled, Admins have the ability to select which US States are set to Record All Parties, Record Agent Only, or No Recording. To enable Agent-only Recordings for one or more specific states:

  1. Click on the RingDNA Dialer link in the left-hand navigation bar
  2. Click on the Call Recording link
  3. Click on the United States tab
  4. In the United States tab select the Would you like to enable granular controls for call recordings in the US? toggle to display a list of each US state.
  5. To enable Agent-only call recordings for a specific state select the dropdown menu in the Record Calls column menu, then choose Record Agent Only.
  6. If you wish to record all parties on the call select Record All Parties
  7. If you wish to not record the call select No Recording
  8. Once all call recording settings have been adjusted click Save (at bottom of page)

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Legal does not provide legal guidance with respect to the creation of call recordings. It is the responsibility of our customers to define their call recording settings as they see fit.

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