Add and Manage Users

Adding Users Admins can easily manage which users in their Salesforce Org have access to the platform and designate the appropriate permissions and settings. 

Adding users can be done via the Users tab (ideal for adding a group of users en-masse) or via the Add User button (ideal for adding individual users)

Users Tab

Step 1: Select Users to Add

On the menu panel located on the left-hand side of the page, click the Users tab and select Add New button on the right.


This will open up a list of the users who are included on your Salesforce org -- the users who have not yet been added to your account will be selectable via the checkmarks next to their name. Check the users you wish to add and click Next at the bottom right of the page.

User-added image

Step 2: Assign Licensing & Smart Number

You can now choose whether you'd like to assign a Smart Number, an Admin license, or a RingDNA license to the users you wish to add.

To assign a Smart Number to a user, input the area code you wish to use for that Smart Number -- the number will be automatically generated upon hitting Next at the bottom of the page. Conversely, if you already have an existing Smart Number for a new user, you can simply leave the fields blank and continue to the next page.

To grant the user access to Revenue, click the multi-select Licenses picklist under the Licenses column to assign a license:

Select licenses when adding a new user.

To grant the user Administrator permissions select Administrator from the picklist.

Licenses such as Conversation AI licenses, Moments ™ licenses, and Guided Selling licenses can be added on the user's profile page.



Add User Button

Step 1: Select Add User Button

Select Account from the menu panel, then select the Add User button


Fill in all fields in the Create New User window, then click the Off switch next to the products you'd like the user to have a license for to set it to On (for example, in the screenshot below the user has access to all products but, since Admin License is off, is not an Admin). 


Step 2: Click Create to create the user.


Please Note: Salesforce ID should be an 18-digit Salesforce User ID that starts with 005. Your Salesforce Administrator can assist in getting this number if it is not visible to you. 


Managing a User's Settings

You can make changes to User settings by clicking into the Users tab on the left-hand side of the page.

This will populate a list of your current users in your account. 

Click into a user to bring up individual settings. On this page, you will be able to edit personal information such as a job title or phone number extension. 


Clicking on the RingDNA Dialer Settings tab will allow Admins to reassign a Smart Number to a user's profile and Manage General RingDNA Dialer Settings:

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