How to Install Tracking Code on your Website makes it easy to dynamically replace the standard phone numbers on your website with smart tracking numbers that reflect a customer's referral source. However, in order for dynamic number insertion (DNI) to work, you'll need to add a tracking code to each page on your site. provides you with JavaScript that you'll insert between the <head> tags of each page's HTML code.

Here are a few ways that you can find the tracking code.

Tracking Wizards

After using one of's wizards to provision smart numbers, you'll be given the tracking code to insert into each page on your site's HTML.

Dynamic Number Insertion Tool

Optional step: you can click on Dynamic Number Insertion under Tools on the left-hand navigation menu at any time to access's tracking code.

Step 1: Insert the tracking code between the head tags of the HTML of all the pages on your site where you want the smart numbers to appear.

Step 2: Within the HTML of the page where your smart number will appear, enclose all the phone numbers you wish to replace dynamically with a div or span element using:

<div class="ringdna-smartnumber">1-800-111-2222</div>


<span class="ringdna-smartnumber">1-800-111-2222</span>

Step 3: We recommend that you conduct a test to make sure that's dynamic number replacement is working. When the referral source you are tracking takes you to your website, make sure that the proper smart tracking number is being displayed.


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