We encountered a problem while logging you in. Please contact for help.(Code: OrgIdMismatch, id:)


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When a user attempts to log in to the application using their Salesforce Credentials, they are presented with an error indicating that there is an Org ID Mismatch with code “OrgIDMismatch”

Following the error is two Salesforce OrgIDs

  • Current OrgID in
  • OrgID associated with your most recent login attempt


This error is most commonly encountered if you have previously logged into from a Salesforce Sandbox Org. After that Sandbox has been refreshed, it’s possible that Salesforce changed the Organization ID. This causes a mismatch when attempting to access 


Contact our support team with your new Salesforce OrgID to update or for assistance with creating a new sandbox in

You can find this by navigating to Setup > Company Settings > Company Information and look for the field Organization ID

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