Manage SMS and SMS Templates for RingDNA

Enabling SMS

To enable SMS in your account:

1.) Log into the Admin Console, select RingDNA in the left hand navigation and click on SMS

2.) Locate the SMS toggle and click it ON.

Note: If the SMS toggle is disabled (you're unable to turn it ON), then reach out to's Support team to request activation of SMS in your account.

3.) Accept the SMS Agreement to proceed with enabling SMS for RingDNA Communications Hub users in your account.

4. SMS is now enabled in your account.

Click Save at the top of the page.


Creating and Managing SMS Templates Administrators can configure SMS Templates for teams to use. To create new SMS templates, follow the below steps:

1.) Log into the Admin Console
2.) In the left hand navigation, under Products, click RingDNA and select the SMS link:
3.) Ensure the SMS toggle is turned on
4.) Toggle the Enable SMS Templates toggle ON, then click the Save button at the top right of the screen.


3.) Scroll down to the SMS Templates section:
4.) Click the Create Template button

5.) On the SMS Template modal window:

  • Enter a Template Name
  • Enter the Template's SMS Message
  • Optionally, attach a file (such as a .PDF or image file) to be sent via MMS. 
  • Limit the visibility of the SMS template to a particular team by selecting team(s) in the Teams field

6.) Click Submit


Utilizing SMS Templates in RingDNA

Follow the below steps to begin using SMS Templates in the RingDNA Communications Hub:

Once the SMS Template is created in the Admin Console and is available to an agent, the agent can access the SMS Templates via any message thread. To get started, click the + icon.

In the menu, select "SMS Templates".

Note: for info on the "Send File/Media" menu option, see: Sending files/media via MMS in RingDNA Communications Hub

Available SMS Templates will be visible as "cards" in the popup window. 

Note: The Name of each template appears on the first line of each card. Preview text of the SMS Template is visible immediately below it.

To view an SMS Template, select the "more" menu and click "View"

After clicking "View", a preview of the Template's Name, SMS Message body and any optionally-attached file are displayed.

To return to the full list of Templates, click the Back button.

To close the modal window and return to the message thread, click the "X" icon at the top right.

To add the Template and optional attachment to the SMS input field, click Select.

After clicking the "Select" button, the SMS Template and optional attachment are added and are ready to be sent. Click the "Send" button to proceed.

Alternatively, SMS Templates can be applied by clicking on them directly from the list of Templates. 

After clicking the Template, the SMS Template (and optional attachment) are added and ready to be sent. Click the "Send" button to proceed.

Click "Send" to send the SMS Template.

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