Managing Hot Leads Configuration

Hot Leads is a feature of the RingDNA Communications Hub which allows you to route your most important leads to an Agent's dialer. This notifies them at the peak of the lead's interest and allows them to close business quicker.


Before proceeding, we recommend viewing our video training on Hot Leads. This video will walk you through key concepts which are mentioned later in this article.


Hot Leads is a Managed Package which works in conjunction with the settings configurable in the Admin Console. This feature enables an Administrator to create automation in Salesforce which triggers a lead to be displayed in real-time to an agent in the RingDNA Communications Hub.

In this article, we'll be providing example automation for a marketing use case which displays Hot Leads to any user with a Lead Score greater than 50. However, this could be worked into existing automation for many Lead flows.

Package Components

CreateLeadListener (Lead Trigger)will run when a Lead is created or edited with RingDNA WebLead (Checkbox) checked. This will send an update from Salesforce to's servers signaling our software to notify your users in their RingDNA Communications Hub.

For this connection to be established, the Custom Setting RingDNA Environment value should be set to production

Configuring Hot Leads in Admin Console

1. Turn on the Hot Leads toggle located in your RingDNA Settings to enable the feature in your account.

  • Record Visibility can be set to either Owned Records or All Records.
    • All Records: Enabled by default. This will display Hot Leads to all Hot Lead enabled users, and the first to call is updated as the Lead Owner.
    • Owned Records: Display Hot Leads only to the Lead Owner. This works well if you have automatic lead assignment rules in place.

2. For each user that should have access, enable the Enable Hot Leads toggle in their settings. This can be found in the user's RingDNA Settings tab.

Configuring Hot Leads in Salesforce

In order for a Lead to show up as a Hot Lead, A lead should be created or edited to have RingDNA Web Lead checkbox set to TRUE (Checked). This allows for a lot of flexibility for you to determine the rules in your automation.

A few examples:

  • When a Lead is created by a prospect completing a contact us form on your site.
  • When a Lead has engaged in marketing material and that update is posted to Salesforce.
  • When a Lead Score is above a certain threshold. 

Example Automation

Create a new Flow in Salesforce

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup page
  2. In the Quick Find Bar search Flows
  3. Select Flows from the results
  4. Select the option New Flow in the top-right corner of the page

When a Lead is qualified in Hubspot, 6Sense, etc and created in Salesforce with a Lead Score greater than or equal to 50, this flow will be triggered.


Flow Settings
Type: Record Triggered Flow
Object: Lead
Trigger the Flow when: A record is created or edited
Entry Conditions:
  • Lead Score is Greater Than or Equal to 50
  • Lead Source = Marketing Qualified Lead
When to Run the Flow: Every time a record is updated and meets the condition requirements.
Optimize the Flow for: Actions and Related Records
Run Asynchronously: FALSE


Update Records
How to Find Records: Use the lead record that triggered the flow
Set Filter Conditions: None -- Always update record
Set Field Values for the Lead Record: RingDNA Web Lead = {!$GlobalConstant.True}

Hot Leads and Guided Selling

Use Hot Leads in conjunction with Guided Selling to provide a full sales pathway for your most important leads.

The RingDNA Web Lead field can be used as part of your entrance criteria when building a Sequence targeted to Hot Leads. If your first action in the Sequence is a Call Action, this step will automatically be completed even if the user triggers their call from the Hot Leads tab instead of Engage. Your following actions can then be used to define a winning follow up strategy.

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