How Do I Change My Outbound Number?

With the introduction of STIR/SHAKEN Caller ID Verification, some US and International carriers are blocking calls where the caller ID is not originating from a verified source. and our Carrier are only able to verify the source of calls within our network.

It is not recommended to use numbers purchased outside of RingDNA as your Outbound Caller ID. will not be able to guarantee call deliverability. Using an external number is done at your own risk.

By default, when you dial contacts using RingDNA Dialer, they will see your RingDNA Dialer number in their caller ID. However, you can choose to change the caller ID on outgoing phone calls (e.g. use your cell phone instead).

Step 1: To change your outbound phone number, click on the Gear icon to bring up the Settings Menu.

Then click on the outbound numbers tab. Click the Add Outbound Number button to add an outbound number. Add a label (e.g. Cell Phone) to the Label field and enter your phone number.



Step 2:By clicking the Verify button you’ll receive a 6-digit verification code and a call on the phone number you entered.



Step 3: After you answer the call, use your phone’s touch pad to enter the 6-digit verification code. You will then be authorized to use that number as a caller ID on outgoing calls.

Example of a verification code during the call:



Step 4: You can then select the number you’d like contacts to see in their caller ID by clicking on the box next to the desired number in your Outbound Numbers tab.


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