Setting up RingDNA on Mobile

RingDNA Communications Hub on Mobile

RingDNA Communications Hub can be accessed via a mobile browser so users on the go can quickly make calls and have them log to Salesforce automatically. 

Though the RingDNA Communications Hub is supported on all mobile browsers, we do recommend using Chrome for optimal performance and functionality. 

Note: Currently, Click to Call and DialNext features are not supported on mobile. 

Setting up RingDNA Communications Hub on Mobile:

1. Launch your mobile browser and go to 

2. Enter your Salesforce credentials to log in. 

3. If prompted, grant microphone permissions by tapping Allow on the popup window, "Allow to use your microphone."


4. If prompted, enter the name and phone number of your call forwarding device, then tap Verify to verify the device and launch the RingDNA Communications Hub. If call forwarding is not required, call forwarding can be enabled in Settings later.



Making Calls & Sending SMS

1. Once successfully authenticated, tap the waffle icon in the left corner of the screen to open the dial pad. 

2. Enter the number you wish to contact then tap Call to dial the number or SMS to send an SMS



3. Once the call is complete or the SMS is sent, Revenue will automatically log it as a Task in Salesforce.  

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