Transferring a Call Using Warm Transfer

This article outlines how to perform a warm transfer in RingDNA Dialer.  

A warm transfer allows you to speak with the person you intend on transferring the call to prior to handing off the call. In these scenarios, the intention of a rep is to reach another user, member of a call queue, or favorite to connect a call prior to merging in an active call participant. provides a simple workflow to facilitate these conversations and ensure that engagement data is logged to Salesforce and always associated with your prospects or customers. 

Initiating a Warm Transfer

Step 1 - Select the Transfer Button

While on an active call with a prospect select Transfer within the active call tools at the top of RingDNA.



Step 2 - Select Your Intended Transfer Option

Upon selecting Transfer you will be provided a search box to select whom you want to transfer the call to.


After a Revenue User, Call Queue, or Favorite has been selected from the search options, you will be able to view a warm transfer checkbox option. Select the Warm Transfer checkbox then select the Transfer button to initiate the warm transfer workflow.


Note, If the warm transfer button is not selected, will perform a standard cold transfer.

Step 3 - Connect With the Selected Party

When you select the transfer button, will put your active caller on hold and initiate an outbound call to the user, call queue, or favorite you have selected. This will enable you to connect with the selected party prior to merging your caller on hold.

If the user, queue, or favorite is unable to answer the call, the active call will not be treated as a warm transfer and logged as a single activity to Salesforce. 

Step 4 - Merge Calls

Once you have connected with a user, queue, or favorite select the ON HOLD button then select Merge to create a conference call. This will ensure that all parties are connected and you can leave the call once your introduction and handoff of the call is completed.



Step 5 - Leave the Call

Once the handoff of the call is complete, click the Conference button then simply select the Leave button to leave the conference. The call will continue until the original caller or transferred party ends the call.


Logging Warm Transfer Activities to Salesforce

On the conclusion of a Warm transferred call, two activities will be generated and logged to Salesforce which reflects information associated with each agent who had an interaction within the conversation. Both activities will be associated with the lead or contact 

Activity #1

The primary activity logged to Salesforce will reflect the amount of time that the original agent was included in the call. This will include the entire talk time while they were on the line with the original caller, the time spent with the transferred party, and the talk time while they were a party to the conferenced call. Any call recording will reflect this entire period of time.



Activity #2

The secondary activity will be created and reflect the total amount of time the transferred to agent was a participant in the call. This will include the talk time of the initial handoff call between agents and the subsequent amount of time that the second agent was active on the call with the original caller. Any call recording will reflect this entire period of time that the agent was an active participant on the call.


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