Call Events Dashboard

What Problem Does This Dashboard Try To Solve?

When customers are put on hold, or the agent goes on mute for a long period of time, customers have a bad experience, and reps aren’t getting to the next call as quickly.  A rep will go on hold or mute when they are looking something up, contacting a third-party provider, or getting feedback from a peer/manager.

When a customer provides personal information, agents have the ability to pause the recording so as to not capture sensitive information in a recording.  If an agent under-uses this feature, they may be putting their customers’ information at risk.  If an agent over-uses this feature, they are not having their work recorded for appropriate coaching and review.

A manager wants hold and mute times to be as low as possible to improve customer experience and to improve operational efficiencies.  A manager wants recording pause times to be just right.

Where Is the Call Events Dashboards Accessed?

Any Admin can access the dashboard in's Admin Console.

To get to the dashboard select Reports from the left rail, then select Call Events to display the dashboard.


Once the dashboard is displayed users will see:

  • Call Events (over time) - The average hold, mute, or recording pause time (in seconds) per call for the selected time range (graph).
  • Call Event Details(by agent) - The average hold, mute, or recording pause time (in seconds) per call for a user for the selected time range. (tabular) 
  • Which Calls Have Long Hold Times? - A list of calls that were placed on Hold (tabular, calls sorted from longest hold time to shortest).
  • Which Calls Have Long Mute Times?-A list of calls where the Mute button was clicked (tabular, calls sorted from longest mute time to shortest).
  • Which Calls Have Long Recording Pause Times? - A list of calls where call recording was paused (tabular, calls sorted from longest recording paused time to shortest).

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated daily at 2 AM UTC.

How Should Sales Managers & Sales Leaders Use This Dashboard?

There are a lot of things that a manager or a leader can focus on, and the first decision they have to make is whether or not hold/mute/pause times are an issue that is currently worth looking into. This means starting with a high-level view of average hold/mute/pause times for their organization or team.

If the values are out of band, the manager has two things they can do:

  1. Look into what users have the longest hold/mute/pause times. These reps can potentially use some coaching and extra attention.
  2. Look into what is causing the longest hold/mute/pause times.

Item 1 is accomplished by using the Call Event Details (by agents) report showing a user-level summary of their hold/mute/pause times in the report’s selected time frame.

Item 2 is accomplished by providing links to the recordings for calls with the longest hold, mute, and recording pause times. All calls referenced in the Which Calls Have Long Hold, Mute, or Pause Times dashboards contain a link to the call's recording in the call recording column.

Calls that were not recorded will have this column left blank. Users can view their call recording settings to see which calls are or are not enabled for recording. 

When landing on the recording player page, the user will scroll to the section of the call dominated by silence, and they can listen to the reason for hold/mute/pause.  This gives the manager an idea of whether the issue is something like:

  • A slow to reach 3rd party provider
  • A manager who is backed up because they have to approve everything
  • Reps forget to restart recording after collecting sensitive information.

This allows the manager to make changes that improve the efficiency of their entire operation and improve customer satisfaction.

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