Forwarding Device Not Available



When a user attempts to place a call with Call Forwarding enabled, the call is never received on the forwarding device. After 15 - 30 seconds, a red banner is displayed near the bottom of the dialer with the message: “Forwarding Device not available”.


RingDNA Dialer attempted to forward the call to your configured forwarding device, but a connection to your device could not be established.

Status: No Answer
The dial to the forwarding device was successful, but the user did not answer the device to continue the call.

Status: Busy
The dial to the forwarding device was not successful because the phone number was unreachable or the device was busy/offline.


  1. Ensure that your forwarding device is reachable by calling it from another (non-Revenue) phone, such as a colleague’s mobile. If you still encounter an error, It’s likely to be an issue with the forwarding device itself.
  2. Periodically restart your forwarding device. It may have temporarily become disconnected from your provider’s network making it unreachable by Revenue.
  3. Check your forwarding device’s voicemails to see if your device is sending your forwarded calls to voicemail. This may be a method of spam prevention on your device. If so, adding your Revenue Smart Number as a contact in your phone will often help ensure it’s not blocked.
  4. When using a mobile phone as a forwarding device, ensure that you’re in a location with good signal strength. If that is not possible where you are located, Enable WiFi calling on your mobile phone may help.


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