An Application Error has been encountered


When a user attempts to place a call, a voice can be heard on the call indicating that the call failed with the code "An Application Error has been encountered".


The dialer encountered an unhandled error and could not complete your request.

Known Situations:

Incorrectly Formatted MP3 File

When making dials to a Smart Number that is attached to a Call Flow, the call ends quickly and the following audio message is heard: "We're sorry, an application error has occurred; goodbye."

The call does not properly enter the Call Flow and cannot be answered by agents, voicemail steps, etc.


The cause of this issue is that a Greeting, Menu, or Prompt step in the Call Flow contains an audio file that is not in the .mp3 format.

Because of the specific audio formats that our carrier supports, Call Flows only support .mp3 formatted files for audio greetings — files in other formats (such as .mp4, .m4a, etc.) may play while editing the Call Flow, but they are not supported and will not function properly when calls actually enter the Call Flow.

This includes files that are not actually .mp3s, but have had their file extension changed to read as ".mp3" (for example, the file used to be named "file.mp4", and the name was simply edited to say "file.mp3"). 

In this situation, the true format of the file is retained, and thus the issue will still occur.



To avoid this issue, ensure to always use truly formatted .mp3 files for any audio-bearing step (Greeting, Menu, or Prompt) in a Call Flow.

If the issue is already occurring with one of your Call Flows, to solve, replace the audio file on the Greeting, Menu, or Prompt step with a truly formatted .mp3 file, and Save the changes.


General Troubleshooting

If your situation is not listed above, submit a Call Report by clicking on the “Report This Call” link at the bottom of the dialer. This will allow us to investigate our logs at the time of the incident.

Once a call report has been submitted, contact Support with the time of your call report, the actions you took prior to encountering the error, and if the error is reproducible when repeating the steps provided.

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