Call Tools Overview

The Call Tools panel contains your most relevant Activity fields and provides agents a shortcut to quickly populate important information about their call activity to Salesforce. This article outlines the basics of using and customizing Call Tools.


Call Tools can be categorized into two categories: 

  • Default - These are the fields included in Call Tools out of the box.
  • Additional Fields - Task fields from Salesforce customized to display in RingDNA. 


  1. Rating (Optional) - This field allows agents to select a rating for their calls. This value is saved in the "Rating" field of the call activity. This helps give leadership instant feedback into the lead quality and helps your marketing team determine which campaigns drive the most successful calls.
  2. Disposition - allows different cohorts of users to have unique sets of Call Dispositions. In this drop-down, users will choose from a list of dispositions available to their profile.
  3. Task & Note Subject Shortcut - allows an agent to select from preconfigured Task & Note Subjects.
  4. Call Notes Templates - allows an agent to select from preconfigured Call Notes Templates which could contain questions that should be asked or procedures to follow on the call.
  5. Notes - An agent can easily take notes during the call using this field. The resulting notes are saved to the call activity's description field in Salesforce automatically.
  6. Post to Chatter (Optional) - When this checkbox is selected, any text in the notes field will also be shared as a Chatter Post on the record called from.

Additional Fields

In addition to the default fields described above, your team may have a unique workflow which requires additional information to be collected on the call activity. You can make use of the Additional Fields tab which can be customized to display these fields.

You may also require that different fields are displayed based on agent type. With custom Additional Fields, you are able to control the display and visibility of fields by Salesforce Profile.

Refer to the article How to Use Custom Fields and Managing Custom Fields associated with a Profile for directions on adding custom fields to your account and to user Profiles. 

The example below shows a custom field, "Call Type", added to the "System Administrator" Profile. Users with a System Administrator profile will now see this field on the "Additional Fields" tab in Call Tools. 

Note: Only fields which are checked as "Editable" will appear on the Additional Fields tab. 

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