How to Enable Stay Connected with Call Forwarding

Enabling RingDNA Dialer's Stay Connected feature increases efficiency while making outbound calls from your desk phone, cell phone or other device. Typically, Call Forwarding works by connecting to your forwarding device each time you make a new call. But by enabling Stay Connected, you can keep the call connection open during sustained calling periods. This enables you to make outbound calls faster (reducing needless clicks) and minimizes delays. 

Note: Enabling an open connection can potentially lead to more minutes being used by reps. Contact your Revenue rep for more information. 

Stay Connected can be enabled for all reps from the Admin Console or can be toggled by reps individually from their dialers.


How to Enable Stay Connected for Reps

Step 1: Sign into the RingDNA Admin Console at  

Step 2: Click the RingDNA Dialer section in the left-side menu panel and select RingDNA Dialer Settings

Step 3: Scroll down to the Stay Connected toggle

Step 4: Click to Enable this toggle to expose Stay Connected to your reps. A Stay Connected toggle will now appear in the Call Forwarding section of your reps' dialers:
(Optional) Step 5: Set timeout (in minutes) to automatically disconnect from Stay Connected. If left blank, the default value of 5 minutes will be used.

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