How to Use RingDNA with Salesforce Tasks

For teams that use Salesforce tasks, Revenue offers a variety of management features that can radically boost task-based productivity without having to switch back and forth between Salesforce and the RingDNA Communications Hub, including:

  • Create Tasks from the Dialer
  • Update Tasks from the Dialer
  • Change Task Due Dates
  • View Open Tasks
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Edit Tasks
  • Close Out Tasks
  • Clone Tasks

Create Tasks from the RingDNA Communications Hub

Revenue enables you to create tasks right from the RingDNA Communications Hub during or after calls with contacts. 

Step 1: During or after a call, click the New Task icon.

Step 2: Add a Title/Subject to your Task.

Step 3: Select the Type of task (e.g. call, meeting, etc.)

Step 4: Select a priority for your task (Low, Medium or High). This will display tasks in the order of importance.

Step 5: The task will be assigned to you by default. However, if you’d like to assign it to someone else, enter the name of the colleague you'd like to assign the task to, click the Magnifier icon to trigger a Salesforce search, and then select the right record from the search results.

Step 6: Set a due date by either clicking on the field or the calendar icon. Clicking on the field would open a datetime selector whereas clicking on the calendar icon would open a dropdown of datetime values to choose from. This is especially useful for scheduling follow-up actions.

Step 7: Click Add a Reminder and then select a reminder time and date to be reminded about the task in Salesforce.

Step 8: Enter a description of your task (optional).

Step 9: Click Save to save your task.

If there are additional Salesforce fields you want to include in this Create Task form, you can ask your RingDNA Admins to configure them for your Profile at Admin Console -> Profiles  -> Edit -> Task Fields

Update Tasks from the RingDNA Communications Hub

Revenue makes it easy to update tasks right from the Dialer:

  • Filter to just see open tasks

  • Change a task’s due date

  • Edit a task (subject line, status, date and comments)

  • Close out tasks

View Open Tasks

After a call (or by searching for a contact in the Dialer) you can quickly view all open tasks associated with that contact by clicking the Open Tasks icon.

Change a Task’s Due Date

If you have permission to edit a task, you can quickly change a task’s due date by clicking on the calendar icon underneath an open task.

Note: This is useful for times when you are unable to connect with a prospect and wish to set a reminder to follow up on a certain day.


Edit a Task 

Step 1: Click on the edit icon next to a task.


Step 2: From the edit menu you can:

  • Change a task’s status

  • Change a task’s title

  • Add comments to a task

  • Change a task’s due date

    If there are fields you are not able to edit, contact your RingDNA Admin about your permissions


Step 3: When you've finished editing your task, click Save.


Close Out a Task

To close out tasks, click Mark as Complete. If you mark as complete by accident, simply click “Undo.”


Clone a Task

RingDNA Communications Hub gives you the option to create a copy of a task when closing or saving existing open task.  Cloning a task will not only create a draft for a new task, but some data from the originating task will be copied over to the new draft in order to save you time. The information carried over from the old to new task will include:

  • Subject line
  • "Assigned to" user
  • "Name" field (lead / contact / account the task was associated with)
  • "Related to" field (e.g. campaign, opportunity) 

To clone a task simply click the blue arrow next to Save and then click Save & New Task


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