Dialing Down Salesforce Lead Lists with DialNext

DialNext allows users to import their leads or contacts from a list view right into the ringDNA Intelligent Dialer and efficiently call down the list.

How to Enable DialNext

Step 1: Click the Gear icon to bring up the Settings menu.

Step 2: From the General tab in the Settings menu click to toggle DialNext Caller from Off to On.

Step 3: Once DialNext is enabled, click any phone number in a Salesforce list or report.


Step 4: This will launch your dialer and dial the lead as when normally using the Click to Call feature. After ending the call you should see the DialNext button. Click DialNext to dial the contact on your Salesforce list just below the contact you just dialed.

You can also use the arrows on the left and right of the lead to scroll through contacts in your Salesforce lists. The left arrow will scroll up your list and the right arrow will scroll down your list.

If you wish to preview your Lead or Contact's info in RingDNA Dialer before calling them, enable Preview Next Call for DialNext.

This can be done by navigating to the General tab in Settings, and then clicking the box next to Preview Next Call

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