How to Use Call Forwarding

Revenue's Call Forwarding feature makes it easy for reps to benefit from the data and call controls of the RingDNA Dialer while making and taking calls from any device. 

Outbound Calls

Revenue's Call Forwarding enables you to use the RingDNA Dialer's call controls to quickly dial leads, forward calls and more. However the actual call will be connected to your device rather than the RingDNA Dialer.

Inbound Calls

When prospects call your device, it will trigger a CTI screen pop on the RingDNA Dialer, giving you access to rich prospect data with every inbound call. This is a good option for sales reps that have already given their original number out to a lot of leads, but want to benefit from the enriched data offered by Revenue.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding on the RingDNA Softphone

Step 1: Click into the Settings wheel from the RingDNA Dialer

Step 2: Click the Call Forwarding drop-down menu and select Add New

Step 3: Input your Call Forwarding device’s number and click Verify


Step 4: Your device will receive an automated phone call from us asking you to verify it -- once the call has been initiated, simply hit “1” to verify the device


Step 5: After verifying your device, you should receive a “Verification complete” prompt -- clicking Save will enable Call Forwarding

Tip: You can improve efficiency and call quality with forwarded calls by enabling Stay Connected. This keeps a call connection open on forwarded calls and eliminates the need for RingDNA to call you when making calls with a desk phone or cell phone.

For more info on Stay Connected, click here.

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