How To Listen to Call Recordings and Give Feedback

Revenue helps managers coach reps more successfully by enabling them to listen to call recordings and provide feedback that is logged in Salesforce.


Step 1: Ensure Call Recording Settings are Configured

If the call is eligible for recording based on your call recording settings, the moment that a rep finishes a conversation with a Lead or Contact, that a recording of the call will be saved to the call's Task in Salesforce.


Step 2: Locate the Call in Salesforce

To find a call's recording find the appropriate Lead or Contact record in Salesforce, then scroll down to the Activity record.


Step 3: Open the Call Player

Click Listen next to the call recording you'd like to listen to. After Listen is clicked, the call will be automatically loaded in the call player in Admin Console

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Step 4: Listen to the Call

Listen to the call by pressing the Play button

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Step 5: Give Feedback

To give reps real-time feedback, add notes to the Supervisor Notes field, then click Save.

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