How To Use Outbound Conferencing With RingDNA

Sales reps can use conference calls to host a call with multiple prospects, partners, or internal team members.

During conference calls, reps can host and toggle between up to 10 participant profiles and view contextual data from Salesforce about each one. So they can post data about the call in real-time, reps also have full access to RingDNA Dialer's call tools during the call, and can log notes against each participant's Salesforce record.

Making Conference Calls in the RingDNA Communications Hub

1. Dial a Contact or Lead, then after the call has been connected, select ON HOLD at the top of the screen to place the callee on hold. 

2. With the callee on hold use the dial pad, Click to Call, or Contact Search to dial another party. 

3. While the new call is ringing, click ON HOLD again next to the first call's record, then click Merge to merge the two calls.




Click Conference to view the call's participants. 


Click Select next to a participant's name to view their record page data in RingDNA.

On a participant's record page, users can view contextual Salesforce data about the participant and can log notes to Salesforce by selecting Call Tools. 


If a participant needs to leave the call early click End Call next to their name to disconnect them from the conference and leave all others on the line.


When you're ready to leave the call click Leave to leave the conference. Clicking Leave will not end the call, all other participants will remain on the line. 


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