How to Add New Leads and Contacts to Salesforce From Your Dialer

After a call occurs with a fresh Lead or Contact, the Lead or Contact's phone number may not be assigned to a record in Salesforce. Instead of having to create a new record in Salesforce, users can save time by creating Leads and Contacts directly from the Intelligent Dialer.

Alternatively, if the phone number belongs to an existing record, users have the ability to add a caller to an existing Salesforce record directly from the Intelligent Dialer.

Adding New Leads

Step 1: After or during the call click Add New.


Step 2: Select Lead.


Step 3: Enter the Lead's details.


Step 4: Click Save.


Step 5: The new Lead will now be added to Salesforce.



Adding New Contacts

Step 1: After or during the call click Add New.


Step 2: Select Contact.


Step 3: Enter the Contact’s details.


Step 4: Search for the Account with which you would like to associate the Contact.


Step 5: Click Save.


Step 6: The new Contact will now be added to Salesforce.

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