Taking Inbound Calls from Salesforce Campaigns

When a call is made to a Smart Number associated with a Salesforce Campaign, the RingDNA Dialer will provide users with valuable data about the caller and the Campaign that triggered the call.

Before answering the call, users can immediately see:

  • Caller information from Salesforce.
  • Salesforce campaign associated to the call.
  • Marketing source of the call. 

So it can be referenced for context, Dialer will continue to display this data while the user is on the call. Users also can view this information after the call has ended on the call's page in Dialer.


After the call has ended, the caller will be instantly added as a member of the salesforce campaign that triggered the call.  If the caller does not already exist as a record in Salesforce, a new Lead will be created for that person.

So users can reference the call at a later date, Revenue will automatically log it as an Activity against the caller’s Lead or Contact record and, if the call is from a marketing source, will relate it to the appropriate Campaign.


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