How to Perform a Cold Transfer

This article outlines how to perform a cold transfer in the RingDNA Communications Hub

Unlike a warm transfer call, a cold transfer call is performed without using RingDNA to connect with the transfer's recipient prior to the transfer occurring. 

Initiating a Cold Transfer

Step 1 - Select the Transfer Button

While on an active call, select Transfer within the active call tools at the top of the Dialer. 

Step 2 - Select Your Intended Transfer Option

Upon selecting Transfer you will be provided a search box and Recent Transfers table to select who you want to transfer the call to:

Note: if you attempt to transfer a call to a user that is busy or offline, a warning message will be displayed. You can still initiate the transfer, but the intended recipient may not be available to take the transfer:

After a User, Call Queue, Call Flow or Favorite has been selected, select the Transfer and Leave button to perform the cold transfer.

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