Making Calls with Local Presence

What Is Local Presence?

Local Presence allows your sales representatives to present a local number when dialing leads in other areas. For example, if your reps are based in New York City and are calling to Los Angeles with Local Presence enabled, their calls will show as having a Los Angeles area code on the lead's caller ID. The same applies when they dial to Chicago, or to any other location covered by Local Presence.

Local Presence has been shown to dramatically increase answer rates. Leads are much more likely to answer a call from a local number than from a number from farther away. Local Presence is therefore a very useful feature to incorporate into your sales toolkit.

International Local Presence

Local Presence is also available outside the United States. The details vary by country, depending on local regulations, but it functions roughly the same: a number closest to the person being called is presented. If your company has an office in Germany, a caller to Germany from another country can present a German number using Local Presence. However due to regulations Local Presence is not available for every country.

How To Use Local Presence

If your account has Local Presence, you can enable it within the RingDNA Dialer by clicking on your outbound number, and then selecting Local Presence from the Outbound Number dropdown menu.


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