How to Label Call Outcomes (Call Dispositions) with RingDNA

How to Label Call Outcomes (Call Dispositions) enables you to log the outcome (also known as a disposition) of every call. This can help sales managers tabulate the percentages of calls that go to voicemail, reach key decision makers, or are transferred. The list of call outcomes is fully customizable.

Check out our guide on How to Customize Call Dispositions in for help customizing a list of outcomes.

Once you've established a list of outcomes reps can simply choose an outcome from a list.

Step 1: After a call, click the Call Tools tab on the right rail of your RingDNA Communications Hub.


Step 2: Click on the 'Disposition' field to open the dropdown of all dispositions


Step 3: Choose a disposition label that matches the outcome of your call (for example, if you left a voicemail click "Left Voicemail"

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Note: Your call outcomes will be automatically saved in under the log for each call.

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