Multi-Match Scenarios and Multi-Match Selection Required

This feature gives admins the option to make Multi-Match scenarios a required step in call cadence. This prompts the Select a Caller drop-down which gives you the option to associate the phone number to a specific SFDC object. 

A Multi-Match selection is when the same phone number calling in is matched with multiple Salesforce objects (Lead, Contacts). 

This setting functions similarly to the Call Disposition Required setting by disabling reps to make an outbound call until they’ve selected a caller when a Multi-Match option appears. To require reps to assign a Salesforce record in Multi-Match scenarios:

Step 1: Log in to Admin Console

Step 2: Navigate to the RingDNA Dialer Settings page and select Require Agents to Select a Record. Then, click Save at the top of the page to apply the setting:

Multi-Match in RingDNA

Here's how an incoming call appears when a Multi-Match selection event occurs -- notice the Select a Caller drop-down menu.
User has opened the "Select a caller" dropdown
If the agent does NOT make a selection in the "Select a caller" dropdown, then after the call is completed, the Alerts tab will be illuminated -- notifying the user of any Multi-Match selections that must be actioned.
Clicking into that call will simply take the user back to the call in their Activity History where they can make a Multi-Match selection.


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