Related Records

For every call that goes through RingDNA Dialer, will automatically create an activity and associate it under the Contact or Lead -- depending on which Salesforce object where a phone number is stored.

RignDNA Dialer is not limited to associating calls to just the Contact or Lead. With Related Records, calls can be associated to the below Salesforce objects:

  • Opportunities
  • Campaigns
  • Accounts
  • Cases

When Related Records is enabled for your account, a new icon will appear on the right side column for any current or past call within the RingDNA Dialer.


Clicking the Related Records button will let you search for the record you want to associate a call to. Simply search for the name of the Campaign, Opportunity, Account, or Case and click the specific object that appears in your search.

Once you make that selection, that call will be related to that object. We put the Salesforce icon designating the specific record you related to:


If you click the link into the Salesforce task, you will be able to see in the Related To field the record that this call was related to.

Please note that Related Records can only be enabled by reaching out to Support directly -- account admins do not have the necessary permissions to activate this setting.

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