Sending SMS from the RingDNA Communications Hub

Once you've established contact with a lead, sometimes they prefer to switch to SMS over phone calls. supports sending and receiving SMS messages through RingDNA Communications Hub.

There are multiple ways to initiate an SMS using RingDNA.

Message Icon

You can click the message "bubble" icon to the left of to a contact's number in Salesforce to send them an SMS.


Dial Pad

After keying a number into the dial pad in RingDNA, you can click "SMS" to initiate an SMS message to that number.

RingDNA Contact/Lead Preview

You can search for a Contact or Lead and send a message by clicking the message icon on the preview card in the search results.

RingDNA Contact Details 

Or you can go to the Contact/Lead details page and click the message icon under Activity to view your messaging history with the Contact/Lead and compose new messages

Message History

Or you can go to your Messages tab. This screen is useful for viewing your recent messages and locating a conversation.

SMS Opt-Out

If a prospect wishes to cease SMS communication with a Revenue user, they must send the SMS "STOP" to the user's RingDNA Dialer to opt-out of SMS.

Once this message is received, Revenue will automatically mark the custom Salesforce field "SMS Opt Out" as True, which will block any further text messages from being sent to the prospect. 

The SMS opt-out field is available on the Lead and Contact object and is available on base package versions 1.23 and above.


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