Viewing Questions in Conversation AI

The Importance of a Question

Questions drive the sales process forward as they allow us to work through objections and provide clarity in a buying cycle. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that reps not only ask the right open-ended questions but also understand the answers and responses elicited by those questions when seeking clarity and discovery. 

Sales managers need access to all of the questions asked or received by reps to help qualify where a deal is within the funnel. This is critical information for sales managers to coach their teams based on the questions that their reps are asking (or not asking) to ensure that they are digging into their customers' pain points and extracting as much information as possible to drive a deal forward.

View Questions Associated With a Zoom Call provides an out-of-the-box question detection feature for all customers of Conversation AI for both audio and video calls. You can quickly see the number of questions per conversation and pinpoint moments in calls where questions were asked. Questions in a conversation include the timestamp of the question, how long the question was asked for, who asked the question, and the text associated with the question asked.

To access Questions associated with a conversation, select the "Question" tab within a conversation page. You can choose individual questions to jump directly to that specific moment in a conversation for review. questions.jpeg


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