Viewing Active Listening for a Conversation

Interruptions on calls have always been associated with a negative experience. The more interruptions on a call, the worse the conversation right? Not all interruptions are true interruptions though.  Instead, they can also capture engagement in a conversation. Without a clear separation between a true interruption and a call participant just being excited, it is hard to separate engagement from poor etiquette. 

Introducing Active Listening

Sales Managers want to analyze the rapport in a conversation so that they can review how engaged their reps are in driving value. That is possible in Conversation AI via the Active Listening Metric. Active listening or "backchanneling" is a term that highlights when a conversation participant is actively checking in audibly with a speaker but is not trying to cut in or dominate a conversation. This metric, instead of highlighting poor behavior, does the opposite, as it is a clear understanding of engagement. 

To answer the question of "How engaged was each participant via active listening" on a call, Conversation AI users will find a new "Active Listening" metric listed under the Talk metrics of a dual-channel audio call. Please note that Active listening only applies to a traditional two-party conversation and is not presented for agent-only conversations or video conference calls. 


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