Disable Recording for Zoom Meetings with only Internal Colleagues

Revenue.io users who connect their Zoom accounts receive two key benefits:

  1. Their zoom events are automatically logged to Salesforce for visibility and tracking
  2. Their recorded zoom events are automatically processed by Conversation AI to allow for coaching and the extraction of agent behavior, keywords, questions, and metrics. 

But what happens if users don't want their internal meetings ingested into ConversationAI? 

Conversation AI allows users the ability to designate the types of recordings that they want to be processed in the platform. The available options of recording types are:

  1. All Recordings
  2. Only External Recordings

So how do you designate external recordings? Every attendee in a zoom meeting is analyzed by Conversation AI. The platform designates each attendee as either a colleague, a prospect, or an unknown. Colleagues are designated as meeting attendees that are known Revenue.io users in your account or individuals that share the same email domain. When the "Do Not Process Internal Zoom Meetings" setting = True, no colleague-only meetings or meetings with colleagues and an unknown attendee are analyzed by the platform. Therefore you can safely ensure that only meetings with your customers or prospects are used for coaching on the platform. 

To manage this setting simply navigate to the settings tab in the main application navigation and select "recording" to designate your preferred setting. Please note that this setting is applied on a user-by-user basis and does not apply to all conversations across an account. 


Impact on Salesforce Event Logging
Please note that this setting will not interrupt the logging of Zoom events to Salesforce; both internal and external meetings will be captured for reporting in Salesforce. This consistent logging across all events is to make sure that we can capture an accurate representation of your time.

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