Setting Up Keywords for Conversation AI to Detect


Keywords Overview

Keyword Groups are a collection of Keywords relating to the Keyword Group. Keyword Groups can be thought of as topics, and the keywords are terms specific/relevant to each topic.


Keywords and Keyword Groups can only be created or modified by a user who is a Conversation AI Manager. Since every keyword must be a part of a keyword group, first-time users will need to create a keyword group before they can create their keywords.

While Keyword Groups enable you to categorize meaningful words or phrases for your team, Custom Vocabulary trains our transcription engine to identify proper nouns, such as brand names or industry-specific language. Over time, as new unique words are missed, CAI Managers can continually add custom vocabulary to train the model to pick up important keywords.


Types of Keyword Groups 

There are two types of Keyword Groups: default keyword groups and custom keyword groups.

Default Keyword Groups: These are a set of four out-of-the-box Keyword Groups applicable to most businesses that we have seen significant value in tracking within Conversation AI. These four keyword groups are:

  • Features - For keywords that describe your product or service being sold. This can be software, hardware, or any other value proposition your customers/clients get from your business.

  • Discovery - For keywords related to qualifying prospects to ensure they match your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), aka Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQOs). 

  • Competitors - For keywords related to your direct competition or companies that you would like to track based on how often they come up in sales conversations.

  • Value Drivers - For Keywords to track the core values reps try to convey during sales calls. (e.g., Saves time, improves efficiency, provides insight, etc...)

Custom Keyword Groups: Keyword Groups that you can create specific to your product or service being sold. Keywords Groups are accessible across all teams, but custom keyword groups can help build team/role-specific keyword groups that would be valuable to track.

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Accessing Keyword Groups

Within Conversation AI, CAI Managers will have a Settings section within the left navigation panel called 'CAI Admin Settings.' Click on the sub-section called 'Keyword Groups.'


Updating Default Keyword Groups 

Within the Default Keyword Groups tab, to add or remove keywords to a default keyword group, click on the pencil icon within the top right corner of the Keyword Group.


Creating New Custom Keyword Groups

Within the Custom Keyword Groups tab, to add a new Keyword Group, click on the + Create New Group button near the top right-hand corner of the screen, which will cause the 'Create Keyword Group' modal to appear.


Within the Create Keyword Group modal, enter a name for your new keyword group within the field labeled 'Group Name.'



Then add Keywords/Keyword Phrases to the field labeled Keywords. Keyword Phrases are keywords with multiple words instead of a single word. After you have entered each Keyword or Keyword Phrase, hit enter. Keywords you have added to this new keyword group are shown under the Keywords entry field as chips.

To remove a previous entry, click the (x) next to a keyword, and it will be removed from the list.

Once you have added all the keywords, you would like to add (you can always add/remove keywords at a later time,) click the Create button.


Editing and Deleting Custom Keyword Groups

To edit the name of a previously created keyword group or to add or remove keywords within a previously created keyword group:

  • Find the Keyword Group you would like to edit or delete within the Custom Keyword Groups tab.
  • click on the pencil icon in the right corner of the specific Customer Keyword group you would like to edit.
    • You can edit the name of the group
    • You can add new keywords
    • You can remove keywords from the group by clicking the (x) next to each keyword


To delete a Custome Keyword Group:

  • find the Keyword Group you would like to edit or delete, within the Custom Keyword Groups tab.
  • click on the trash can icon in the right corner of the specific Customer Keyword group you would like to delete.

  • You will then see a message asking you to confirm if you would like to delete the keyword group. Keywords and Keywords Groups can not be recovered once they are deleted. Click the Delete button when you are sure you would like to delete the keyword group and all of its keywords.

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