Intro to Keywords

Keywords and Keyword Groups Overview

Keywords allow users to set specific words or phrases that Conversation AI will detect in conversations. This is a powerful feature, allowing managers and teams to see how often competitors are mentioned on calls, which features customers are excited about or wish existed, measure the effectiveness and adherence of training involving things that should be said (or not said), and how well reps handle objections such as pricing.

When a Supervisor views a rep’s calls, Conversation AI will show which keywords were used and the frequency of each keyword. While beneficial to all users, this is particularly useful for Supervisors as they can quickly find the specific moments of a conversation where a keyword was mentioned (segmentable by who said it) - effectively scaling their time and providing the ability to coach in a more targeted way.

Keyword Groups: Set Up CAI to Identify Keywords That Matter to You

There are two parts to setting up ConversationAI to identify words such as brand names, features, or industry jargon.

  • Keyword Groups: Keyword Groups allow you to group related words or phrases, enabling more intuitive search functionality and easily digestible insights.

  • Custom Vocabulary: Custom Vocabulary trains Conversation AI to identify unique words more accurately and consistently. This includes proper nouns, company names, and industry-specific terms.

Once Keywords and Keyword Groups are created, customers can use Insights to see things like:

  • Which Keywords and Keyword Groups were most used in the past week, month, or in a custom time range (and if the usage has increased or decreased

  • Keywords and Keyword Groups used on calls with successful outcomes (such as a demo getting scheduled, converting a lead, or a customer getting upsold).

  • Which Keywords do top-performing reps use in their conversations?

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