Custom Vocabulary: Detect Proper Nouns and Uncommon Words

What is Custom Vocabulary?

Do you remember your first day at your job? You probably heard someone say something that you weren't familiar with, like the name of a new tool or an internal acronym, and you had to clarify what was said. It's a natural part of communication and learning! 

Speech-to-text AI is no different. It may occasionally mishear a word, but it just needs the chance to learn what was said. This is where Custom Vocabulary comes in handy. If there are any words that are important to you but are not getting recognized correctly, add them to your Custom Vocabulary to improve the likelihood that they will be matched correctly.


Adding Custom Vocabulary (CAI Managers only)

Custom Vocabulary trains the ConversationAI transcription engine to identify proper nouns such as brand names or industry-specific language. Over time, as new unique words are missed, CAI Managers can continually add custom vocabulary to train the model to pick up important keywords.


For CAI Managers to add Custom Vocabulary:

 1. Click on the Custom Vocabulary sub-section within the CAI Admin Settings section of Settings




2. Type your custom vocab word or phrase in the Add word or phrase text box, then click Add to input your word or phrase.


3. Once Add is clicked, the custom vocabulary word you added will appear in the Word and Phrase List below (shown in alphabetical order)


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